1. Knowledge Writing Theme


After all the wonderful progress and development, documentation fixes the legacy and the progress. Documentation can be difficult and tedious, but its as important as the product, the subject, the movement, the human!

Academia is a wordpress theme meant to beautify documentation. Pretty documentation, imaging, presentation—all necessary for engagement of your audience.

Its our hope that the Academia theme brings your documentation to life, and creates a wonderful user experience for your subject or your product.

2. Beautiful Documentation

Did we mention we like beautiful documentation? Its a high priority. Keeping true to the academic legacy, we want to give the best presentation possible for the ideas and concepts we have worked hard to produce. Yeah, theres plenty of ways to document your software, subject, ideas, etc. Our focus is on beauty and visuals.

3. Community Based

Have you ever heard of the “Academic Community”, AKA, “Academia”? Wikipedia Defines it this way: Academia is the internationally recognized establishment of professional scholars and students, usually centered around colleges and universities, who are engaged in higher education and research.

We want you to stick around and be a part of our own academic community. Help and be helped. Spread knowledge, be a part of intellectual development. Community is very important to Symbiostock’s tools.

4. Sell Products

Academia lets you sell the very products you document via woocommerce. The Academia theme is contantly developed to produce a strong engagement of your audience, and this goes just as well with the product you wish to sell through it. Academia is fully compatible with Woocommerce.

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