Symbiostock – Open Source Means to Selling Images Direct

Symbiostock is a powerful WordPress theme for illustrators and photographers to sell their images. Symbiostock, as its name implies, creates a symbiotic relationship among microstock professionals. Symbiostock sites connect into a vast network of shared results, allowing customers to migrate around, study their options, and most importantly, connect with the talented artists who supply them.

  • Artists and photographers sell direct — keeping 100% commission.
  • Top of the line SEO — search engines like Symbiostock sites.
  • Symbiostock promotes not only your work, but you. Get discovered by clients directly.
  • Integrate with stock photo promotional services easily.
  • Sell other services.
  • Free automatic updates to the base theme.
  • Its open source, advanced, expandable, and has a thriving supportive community.
  • Integration with WordPress means vast extendability via plugins.

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Symbiostock sites are easy to deploy, and give great advantages over the other expensive options. As a photographer you are not a marketing target, but instead have access to a powerful tool which seeks to minimize your dependence, maximize your profits, and help you adapt to the ever-changing world of stock photography and illustration.

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