Royalty Free Image Selling Theme – A Call for Developers (PHP, WordPress)

No doubt you are familiar with sites like Istockphoto and Shutterstock – royalty free image selling sites that supply most of today’s visual marketing and images on the web. Did you know these sites are supplied by hard working artists?

Open Source Community Project for Selling Your Images

I’ve created a theme called Symbiostock – its a theme that behaves just like one of these image sellings sites. It empowers these hard working artists to sell directly, not being entirely dependent on agents.

Its quite unique, has much custom functionality. It works well generally, but still needs some optimization, and has lots of room for improvement, customizability, and whatever you’d expect in a good theme. It handles image uploading, processing/watermarking, a cart/purchase/downloading system, licensing…and more custom features than I can mention now. But most importantly, it networks and shares search results with other Symbiostock sites – making for a giant network of shared results for browsing.

Its quite an achievement so far. Yet I find a small disadvantage still exists – while its gotten great attention from the microstock community, its lacking enough developers. The scale of something like this, and the needs within, require a team of developers to optimize, refine, and build it. Whoever engages this project will find many ways to profit from it.

Before saying more – let me list some resources on the Symbiostock project.

The best thing that could happen to this project right now: We need some experienced wordpress developers to get involved, teach people how to run wordpress websites, develop, implement ideas, have fun, and yes, find ways to profit via child themes, features, upgrades, etc.

Please make yourself at home on the Microstockgroup – Symbiostock forum and start getting familiar. Right now we need the uploading/processing scripts optimized for the limitations various hosting (cheap or not) people use. We also need to make this more compatible with for theme submission. You will find its an exciting project.

Project elements and resources:

Twitter Bootstrap –

Wideimage -

Plupload –

Font-Awesome -

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