About Us

Discover Symbiostock

Symbiostock started as a plugin for a small group of microstock artists to sell their media online. It has since grown leaps and bounds to include a full e-commerce platform with beautiful themes working under WordPress. Symbiostock now caters to artists, photographers and illustrators, enabling them to showcase their wonderful work and sell their media directly to customers.

Why Symbiostock Hosting?

Being a full, robust and feature packed plugin, Symbiostock websites require hosting services that are equally robust and reliable. The most common problem Symbiostock users experience is server side issues whereby hosting providers do not provision enough CPU and RAM resources a standard Symbiostock sites requires. Which is precisely why Symbiostock developers decided to create a hosting platform to cater to Symbiostock users. The Symbiostock Hosting platform devotes the power and resources necessary for optimal performance of Symbiostock powered sites. Symbiostock Hosting prides itself on providing a transparent service – we do not offer free software support, what we offer is a hosting platform that caters to the server side requirements of Symbiostock sites.